Whether it was 10 years ago this December or 30 years ago next year, Alien Breed is somewhat of an Icon and a pretty epic part of the story.

A first-person shooter which was not surprisingly in line with what was massively successful at that time and that was the Alien movies.

Well, this week we take you back to early 90s Amiga and when the game first came to market.

We hope our Tee design does the same also and you feel excited enough to want to wear it.


Alien Breed Officially Licensed Product by Seven Squared for Safe In Our World

With Halloween not too far away, perhaps this is a Tee you can wear and impress your friends and kids with your stories of this great game from the journey. Hmm, Halloween.. I wonder what else we could do for that....

This game was fun to play and was perfect for the time. 

Taking inspiration from elements of Gauntlet and Paradroid, the game was fluid and fun. 

Amazing impact weapons, highly detailed and rich environments for the time were all implemented with superb technology to enable a state of the are gaming experience to be enjoyed. 

Between levels you would also stumble across some fun quirky mini games such as a game which showed some similarities to Pong.

Soon to be followed by Alien Breed Special Edition, the franchise was hugely successful and throughout 1992 stuck around the top 10 games for most of the year. Quite amazing for the time.

Did you play Alien Breed? What are your memories?

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With the support of Team 17, we are able to bring you yet another Safe In Our World exclusive Tee with all the profits going to the charity.

Get on it, as it may not be around for long.     

Now enjoy the audio and visuals of the game were notably cool and this video does a good job of taking you through them.

Thanks for being on the Tee journey with us as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive.  

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