So not every one of the arcade cabinet games we are sharing from our journey are 40 years old, but they are all close enough. Crystal Castles is just under 40 yeas old.

This collaboration has been amazing but please note we are serious when we say these designs will not be around forever. 

Crystal Castles Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared in collaboration with Difuzed #KeepingTheGameAlive

Anyway, the witch was a real pain in the you know what in this game. The music however was a delight. 

From a game perspective, what was it all about? Well....

It was a maze game first off, which probably made it frustrating for an arcade game so the reward mechanic for an action game fan was a bit "off". But Bentley Bear was incredibly endearing and you just wanted to help the guy. 

Anyway, the game had nine levels with four castles in each, and a tenth level with a single castle.

If you ever got through all the castles by clearing all of the levels, the game is completed.

37 trimetric-projected castles consisted of a maze of hallways filled with gems and bonus objects and also included stairs, elevators and tunnels that the player can use as shortcuts. If you knew the way around them all, you had spent a fortune.

When all gems in a castle have been collected by Bentley, the classical music gem the Nutcracker Suite is played, and the player moves to the next castle.

Could have been a Sweet with all the colours in this game. 

We have kept this design, as we have with the other Atari Cabinet inspired Tees, very simple. 

It resonates with us and is on point. We look forward to you getting your hands on this one and sharing your stories on social media.  

Enjoy more from the game, which was incredibly complicated but rewarding. Put it this way, you needed a lot of change to get any level of medium term enjoyment out of this game.  


As we say at the end of all our posts, please remember, every item sold within the Seven Squared environment contributes in part to the work of games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World

Not only is this journey about sharing and wearing the moments themselves, but also what those mean to our mental health. After all, each and every one of them was part of a magical rollercoaster ride that continues to this day. 

Please continue to spread the word no matter where you are. 



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