Once again, we would like to offer a quick message of thanks for all of your support.

We really do appreciate it and we hope you will continue to enjoy the journey we are sharing up and down the years.

We are also trying to keep up with requests but we are still small and can only get so much done. 

We are however listening and we have adapted a few designs lately. 

Firstly, we changed the Bitmap Brothers Tee design to make it smaller and introduced a pocket style for it. We also intend to do this for other ICONS as we move forward and add to the range. 

Secondly, we were asked to add black and grey Tee choices to the original Boulder Dash logo Tee and we have. 

We have done a few other tweaks as well, such as adding other colours to the Toe Jam and Earl Tees. 

Oh yes, we have undertaken and trialled some other store promotions as suggested by a couple of people as well. 

Anyway, we know we are not getting to all requests but we do have a plan and we have so much to do.  

Oh yes, and Steve in France, more colours will be available over time. 

Oh yes, and ladies, we really do intend to get to female cuts as well. 

Oh and yes, we are hoping to work with other stakeholders and even a retailer in the future on something special. 

Oh and yes, we have been approached by a developer behind some cool current games as well. 

Oh yes, time to go... Until the next design... What will it be. Jump to the weekend everyone and if you haven't yet joined in our journey #KeepingTheGameAlive, please visit this weekend. 


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