We do love the Summer!

This is our first Summer sharing our retrogaming journey through our Tee designs, so we have something planned pretty much every week for the coming couple of months.

Ooo aren't we getting organised? Well, a little. Still lots to work on.

Anyway, Summer needs Neon and we think it looks great on our new Pitstop II design.Thanks for the feedback from the social media teases of this design. 

Most of our time playing this version of the classic, which we actually prefer, was spent on the Commodore 64 and the ebb and flow of the racing was awesome. Still to this day it is one of our favourite ever racing games.  

If you want to get really nostalgic, check out this video.

It is of the C64 tape loading version and it even takes you through how long you had to wait for the game to load.

For those of you who think games take an eternity to load today, you ain't seen nothing yet. Enjoy..

By the way, if you cannot wait any longer to witness proper racing action of yesteryear, please scroll to approx. 5 mins. Yes 5 minutes!

We also think that Pitstop II is the perfect accompaniment for F1 and with this weekend seeing the British GP at Silverstone plus an extension to 2024, it is the best time to get this Tee design in store and on your back. Available now. 


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As a 9yr old at the time, this was a game-changer – the best racing game I’d ever played.
In those days, Epyx, had a knack of releasing some fantastic titles and, if memory serves, both Pitstop II and Impossible Mission came packaged in those lovely square, foam framed cassette boxes adorned with the Epyx neon artwork.

In fact, thinking back on it, I am sure the dreaded cramp set in after hours and hours of playing this, trying to avoid the white tyre and inevitable “PANG” as the rubber gave up and the car slid off the track. Halcyon days indeed.

An absolute classic, and a beautiful design.


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