When you look back on your journey as an avid gamer, you will come across moments that just take you back to a time that you really want to re-connect with.

When you sprinkle in what looks cool today, you get this....

You will be able to order this design soon as part of Level 2.

There will be a second design also.

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Our mission at Seven Squared is to not only share our journey and the great games experiences we have had but to get you to think of yours.

As you will see and read in our blog posts and via our officially licensed limited edition collectible apparel designs, every moment is special and often unique to a journey.

When we started designing our first official Epyx Tees, we felt like we were being transported back to another time.

Yes, really. That's not marketing poop. It is genuine.

Of all the Epyx games, California Games is the perfect one for this time of year.

Oh indeed there are many others but we have been California Dreamin' lately. Footbag by the Golden Gate anyone?

The C64 version was the best for us and certain games, even though very basic, were actually really addictive. Footbag certainly was one of those.

Of all our designs to date, we actually really love this as it brings the fashion and vibe of the summer whilst being true to the joy of what was and is California Games.

We hope you will support us by purchasing our apparel and spread the word to others in the #retrogaming community as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive


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