So, we are asked how could you make a California Games Tee so cool for Summer?

We naturally took up this challenge and worked with some of the retrogaming community to bring you this design. 

Inspired by certain fashion trends and brands, we think it brings something different to the Cali Games part of the journey and notably during one of the hottest and driest UK summers ever witnessed.

So feast your eyes on this and get it now. This is our California Games "Palm" Tee.

California Games PALM Tee

Launched exclusively by streamers during SafeMentaliTEE 3 where we raised nearly £3,000 for Safe In Our World, it received a great reaction. 

If you look for California Games in the search function you will find a micro collection of apparel inspired by one of the greatest games of it's generation. 

Let's continue wearing and sharing the greatest retrogaming memories and what they mean to our mental health. 

Supporting the work of video games mental health charity Safe In Our World along the way and together #KeepingTheGameAlive. 


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