Getting this project moving has certainly had it's chaotic moments.

There will be more also but we will keep on top of it.. Anyway... Enough of these average Segways...

Moving swiftly on, we have not covered many of the games from our experience on the Commodore Amiga yet, but we are now.

More to the point, we will be... Just a splattering for now later this year..

We will be designing for Chaos Engine for a special reason later this year...

Continuing our love for the Bitmap Brothers, notably because there were so many great games of theirs we played, we had to add some Chaos to our Engine, with The Chaos Engine.

Who doesn't love games that are set in the Victorian era, not least when it has steampunk vibes in abundance.

Now, that always adds to the atmosphere in any game. Who wouldn't want to play a game where a time traveller on a mission from the future ends up stranded in Victorian England in the 1800s. Tech being retro engineered which created a whole new timeline of events within which you played. It was so enjoyable engaging in this world and hence why it has to be part of our journey.

As per previous posts where we have highlighted the significance of the audible experience in games and this was another one where the music supported bringing the game to life.

That leads us on to the timing of when you can expect to see our first design for the Chaos Engine.

All I can say is that it will not be in Level Three. However, it will be in tandem with the brilliant Amiga Power album project and associated Kickstarter campaign.

More on this can be seen here:

Thanks to Matthew Smith there, this is what we have come up with.... (summary)… So back the album and more...

Get Shirty Later this year we will design a special one off Officially Licensed Limited Edition Tee which will be part of the Amiga Power - The Album project.

The design will be inspired by the Bitmaps' seminal steampunk shoot-em-up. Pledging for that reward tier, you'll be able to get your hands on the new Chaos Engine design before anybody else.

Naturally here isn't any preliminary artwork to show you, but we'll be posting updates here as the design takes shape.

More can be seen on the Amiga Power Kickstarter page and on associated social media channels.

All part of the journey and #KeepingTheGameAlive


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