In the mid 80s, being a football fan meant your choice of football games was evolving quickly, although it wasn't quite FIFA time. 

Having said that, with many football games being available for what was pretty much weekly pocket money costs, there were plenty around. Match Day was one of them..

This video game was the first one where large moving footballers characters could dribble, throw-in, take corners on and ZX Spectrum. Yes, at the time that was cool. It was. Honestly. 

The game had 8 teams that the player could choose, such as Ritman Rovers, Clarke PR and Ocean United. You could rename the teams and redefine the team colours.

It actually performed quite well from a sales perspective as well.   

Oh, and by the way, you have to check the music in the video below. You might recognise it (if you are in the UK). 

As we have said before, the music in these games was huge in where they ranked in our conscious and sub-conscious memory. 

If this does not get you in the Christmas footie vibe, we do not know what will. 

Order this now and it will be with you in time for the festive footy fixtures in front of the fireplace. And the TV.

Oh how we love Christmas, especially when we are #KeepingTheGameAlive.

This is our first one sharing the journey with you and we hope your support will continue to enable us to keep designing in to 2020 and beyond.

Thanks again.  

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