Hi Everyone...

First of all, we would like to wish you all well during these strange times. 

Secondly, unfortunately we are unable to print Tees at the present moment. 

Due to not being an "Essential Service, the fulfilment of orders is very limited.

Naturally we would welcome your trade at this time but delivery will be severely impacted.

Many of you have asked about Hoodies, and so as a special sneak peak, here is something we are working on. 

We hope that when we come out of the other side we will have a lot to offer you which will beyond where we have been to date. 

We are working hard to continue sharing the journey and thanks for being there. 

Look after yourselves and your loved ones at this time and if you need any mental health support, we advocate Safe In Our World and so many other great providers. 

Keep on Gaming. 

Take Care. 

Zool is Cool... Hoodie anyone...

SevenSquared Team


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