Between 1996 and 1999, Crash was the game plenty of time was spent on. 

Perhaps it was endearing elements in his character that we loved. 

Really had some Taz / Tazmania animated character traits about him! Well, we thought so, even if you did not. 

Crash Bandicoot Collaboration Tee with WeLoveThis. Together #KeepingTheGameAlive

Crash is an Eastern Barred Bandicoot and lives in N.Sanity Island and he was and is just super cool!

Crash was captured and evolved by Dr Neo Cortex in to what he became and throughout his adventures, Cortex is Crash's usual arch-enemy and is always defeated by Crash in order to keep peace on the island.

Originally designed by Charles Zembillas and Jason Rubin, his original name was Willy the Wombat (alternatively spelt Willie). Yeah, for real!

After rejected pushes from Universal Interactive (this was one of their better published games for sure) to name the character something more "family-friendly", like Wez or Wizzie, the amazing developers at Naughty Dog decided to call him Crash and the rest is history.

Crash as a name was coined due to his wonderful endearing tendency to smash crates along with shuffling the species of a few characters to accommodate for Crash's recently-decided name.

Anyway, traverse the Wumpa Islands however you like, but when you do, make sure you are wearing this Tee. An epic design that evokes many memories of early missions. 

Please note, we have two slightly different designs on Black and White Tees for you to choose from. Here is the other one. 

Crash Bandicoot Collaboration Tee by Seven Squared and WeLoveThis. Together #KeepingTheGameAlive

To finish, below you can go back in time and experience the original sights, sounds and gameplay of a special character who continues to be as popular as ever. 

Thanks for being part of the journey, wearing and sharing the greatest moments and what those mean to our mental health over the years. 

Every item sold supports games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive!

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