It seems appropriate that in the week that a new Dizzy game has been announced for the Nintendo Switch ( that we bring you another epic Tee from the Dizzy story.

Announced by the awesome YolkFolk today we hope you’ll enjoy this addition to the Tee journey.

Our Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Tee is now available. 

Moving on to the story of this game, it was the first fully priced Dizzy game and it was something special..

Not least because it holds a pretty cool position in the timeline of the journey.


Well it prevented StreetFighter, yes StreetFighter, from getting to the #1 slot in the charts.

Now I bet you weren’t expecting that were you.

Well yes it did!

The Spectrum version even knocked Rainbow Islands off the top of the charts as well.

Enjoy some wonderful long play memories in the following video. 

We appreciate the continued support and please do keep spreading the word for the Tee journey and what we hope to achieve. 

We aim to continue #KeepingTheGameAlive  

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