At the end of January we launched our Kickstarter campaign to market our officially licensed Retro Gamer teeshirts.

It's gone pretty well but here we are (with 48 hrs left whilst writing this) and so very close to reaching our funding target of £2K.

So if we fail to meet target what will we do and what would we change if we did it again?

The whole idea behind this was to launch a range of teeshirts using some great images from some of the best retro games out there.

We chose Speedball & Xenon as the first games and, it appears, we got the designs pretty right as we've got pledges for over 60 shirts and that's fantastic.

Why are we worried that we got something wrong? We thought it would be great to add a collectable coin to the mix, not just any coin, a 40mm Gold Plated coin which we thought would be pretty special but it's a coin that requires minimum order quantities and a fair bit of investment. The coin has not proved to be so popular, but why is that an issue?

The £2K funding target was based on covering the initial costs of funding the tees & coins, we figured that the coins would be really popular but we were wrong.

Had we just worked on the tee shirts we would have had a lower funding goal and would have reached our target by now but hey, that's the learning curve.

What happens if we fail? We still fully intend to move forward selling great gaming gear, we have a number of licenses already signed and many more looking to sign with us so even if we don't reach our goal we'll still be moving ahead with another campaign as we wouldn't want any of our supporters to miss out.

To this end you can always add yourself to our VIP mailer so we can keep you informed about our next campaign.

That's it from us, fingers crossed, we'll see you on the other side.

Thanks for just being gamers

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