In 1984 the ZX Spectrum and eventually the C64 welcomed, Dues Ex Machina.

Where the story of video games is concerned, the game was actually the first to be accompanied by a fully synchronised soundtrack which featured narration, celebrity artists and music.

Yes it did.

If you are in the UK you will certainly remember some of the names such as Ian Dury.

Where the story of the game is concerned, it goes through the life of a "defect" which has formed in "the machine", from conception, through growth, evolution and eventually death.

The progression is loosely based on "The Seven Ages of Man"" Yes, indeed. There was a lot more to this game that meets the eye. 

See what we did there? The eye... Yes, and hence the look of the Tee design you can now purchase. 

Anyway, a game that quite a few people remember and with a remastered version of the game titled Deus Ex Machina, Game of the Year, 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition being released in 2015 there was a chance to enjoy it again.

It even had a Final Cut release in 2016 for Mac.

Gameplay was "different".

You would take control of a defective machine which has taken the form of the human body. Is that AI? Early AI? Who knows..

Anyway, as you went through the game, you would experience the different stages of life, all the way from being a cell to being a senile old being.

Considered to be a visual-audio entertainment although the game itself does not have sound. It was separated into an audio tape where the tape needs to be played alongside the game. That was actually really annoying, as you can imagine.

The length of the audio was 46 minutes which is also the length of the game itself. Although the game could be played without the audio cassette, it would make it easier to understand with the help of the soundtrack.

The soundtrack includes songs, musical compositions, and also voices of famous actors. As the game comes with a full transcript of the speech, it could at times be played without audio but for us the audio was necessary. 

Anyway, feel the "vibe" by checking out this video of the ZX Spectrum version. 

Let's continue #KeepingTheGameAlive. 

The video games journey is a long and winding one and the great thing about back then was the varied nature of those experiences. 

Certainly worthy of a Tee design it is right that we add it to the journey #KeepingTheGameAlive

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