25 years ago this Halloween, an over the top violent game was in the final stages of development for the Sony Playstation.

Now, for us, we did not play many games like this one but the light effects and repetitiveness of it actually made it really quote "endearing". Is that the right word? Not so sure for the blood and gore that flowed through this game.  

So, let's tell you a little more....


Loaded Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive

The game had origins in DC Comics as well as the more adult-orientated Vertigo Comics, and there was even a small graphic novel based on the game. The six playable characters of the game are a combination of villains, anti-heroes, psychopaths, perverts, mutants, and flamboyant murderers. They are, however, the best hope to stop the intergalactic supervillain nicknamed F.U.B. and save the universe. The characters were created and designed with contributions from Garth Ennis of Vertigo Comics and Greg Staples of 2000AD. That is cool, right? The game was definitely notorious for its macabre sense of humour and over-the-top violence. Perfect for Halloween!

Enjoy this video. It was rather messy! Even better, get the Tee and wear it this month. 

Loaded's gameplay is almost identical to that of Gauntlet which requires the player to move room to room killing everything in sight, everything of which will try to kill the player also. Score can be increased by looting the bloodied remains of enemies. Bang on for this time of year I say...

From a story perspective, Loaded is quite poignant as we believe it was one of the last games before Gremlin Interactive was acquired by Infogrames. A piece of Sheffield went to France. 

Moving on to something a little less violent...


From blood and gore to well, Slime... Why not? 

Todd's Adventures in Slime World Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive

30 years ago, this classic arrived on the Atari Lynx and was then successfully ported to the Sega Megadrive soon after. 

This is one of those games that to be fair not many people remember due to the launch platform of the Lynx but it was  great fun. 

A perfect addition to our Halloween Tees for 2020, this was quite an enjoyable side scroller. 

The slime gun was certainly the most iconic weapon in the game. Well, it certainly beat the water pistol you started with. 

Just watch out for those hidden snappers! Evil little critters those. 

A game and indeed a launch platform that may not be to everyone's taste but a part of the story that is worth telling and reviewed really well here. An awesome fit for the screens it landed on. 

Makes us think about the Atari platforms and the tales of that story yet to be told. Oh we will, we will. There is so much more to come. The journey is long.

Now, it wouldn't be Halloween without some magic now would it and back in the day, there was no more magical a character than Simon....  


Simon The Sorcerer Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive

Back in 1993, there was no more magical a magician to play along with than Simon The Sorcerer and we are so excited to officially bring a "Simon" Tee to the journey.

If you were playing games on the Amiga or PC, you would surely have come across him and his adventures.   

I mean who didn't enjoy being transported to a parallel universe to embark on a mission to rescue a wizard called Calypso from an evil sorcerer named Sordid.

The story included parodies of works such as The Lord of the Rings and Jack and the Beanstalk. It was also inspired by works such as the Discworld series, and the character of Simon was created to compete with the characters of such works.

The character was modelled on characters including Blackadder. I mean that is cool in itself if you are of a certain age.

Simon the Sorcerer was well-received, with reviewers praising the humour and graphics and a 25th Anniversary Edition was released in April 2018. 

Simon was originally intended to be a trainee wizard, similar to Harry Potter and the game was inspired by elements from Monkey Island and Dungeons and Dragons. Other influences included Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers and Monty Python which all made for a cool all round experience. 

Enjoy going back in time or even learning about Simon for the first time. 

Well, a slightly spooky part of the journey spanning many years has now been shared with these new Tee releases. 

Please continue to buy our Tees as we look to further the story and enable you to wear yours. More from the journey to come. Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive. 


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