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Before, we get started, we have been asked about our designs on a couple of occasions and what inspires those and why they take a certain "look". 

Quite simply it is a blend of the moment and the memory plus giving them a current "spin" to make them perhaps not what the game was but what the game feels like today in a design. 

Just wanted to share that. 

Anyway on with the story, it is 1986 and something special is occurring with an evolving classic in Japan. That was Castlevania..... A franchise that has grown and grown as the journey has progressed. 


Seven Squared X Urban Officially Licensed Castlevania Tee #KeepingTheGameAlive

It was a time when vampires and Dracula and more were all the rage and this game even had it's name changed to accommodate religious groups views of the original game title.. True that...

The game was platform driven and with the lead character being called Simon, it has an additional layer of resonance for one of the Seven Squared team. 

Anyway, being a vampire killer was fun and with all the classics we loved such as the health meter, lives, and more. With food items to find to restore health on the journey through the levels, the bonus lives would come in very handy at key moments just when it was getting hairy. Classic gameplay.   

Throughout the game there would also be encounters with classic characters such as Frankenstein or even the Grim Reaper which added an additional edge to the experience.

If you got there, stage 18 would have Dracula waiting for you and if you defeated him, the castle would fall. Hence it had to be in the Tee design for us.

If you were successful the game wouldn't end in its entirety, it would start again at higher difficulty level. 

For a video, we head to the Nintendo Entertainment System this time, courtesy of Austen... Enjoy the 1987 version even though it did not technically arrive in Europe until 1988..

Thanks for being on the journey with us as we continue sharing and wearing the story and #KeepingTheGameAlive...

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