Well, we could have waited until 2020 for the Olympics but then we would have missed another important occasion. 

We've have already shared our mid to late 80s love for Epyx creations such as California Games, but Summer Games added more and it was actually the first of the range.

And yes, our first design for this game is here now because it is another anniversary release for us.

Summer Games is 35 this year! Yes it is. Can you believe it?

It is a perfect addition to our Summer releases. 

We enjoyed the Skeet Shooting, Athletics and Gymnastics the most and we were not alone in liking it. Over 250,000 copies had been sold in quite a short time for those days. 

We also loved the fact that you cold have up to 8 of you playing together so many a moment was spent competing with friends. 

Within 15 seconds of the below video, you will see the inspiration for our design... Available now in our store. 

Please continue supporting us and #KeepingTheGameAlive

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