Collaboration is the name of the game...

We get many requests from some awesome people asking how they can get involved with Seven Squared and what we are trying to achieve, many offering us the use of their branding and art to support the story.

When it comes to the amazing retrogaming community, our answer is to offer their followers and fans the opportunity of purchasing a branded T-Shirt with a share of the profits going to the wonderful games industry mental health charity, Safe In Our World.

We work with them to bring a Tee to market and here are a couple of absolute 🌟🌟 stars 🌟🌟 that have done just that. Sharing something that means a lot to them. Their ideas and our support and fulfilment etc. If you would like something similar done as a generic design or even to work with us on a licensed concept, we should talk. Anything is possible (well almost... subject to licensing and all the rest if it concerns someone else's IP). 

Jinjar and GamesFreezer Official Tees supporting Safe In Our World #KeepingTheGameAlive

“My first memory of gaming was with my brothers Spectrum ZX, playing games like Gauntlet, Lemmings and Tetris. But the games that gripped me and started my love of gaming was definitely the “Dizzy” series and “New Zealand Story” I could play those for hours and hours and I was really happy when I found that Seven Squared had a Dizzy tee that also supported Safe In Our World, a charity that I am an ambassador for.

I thought it would be cool if I also had a tee that could support my charity too and I’m so happy to work with Seven Squared on this project.
My logo is used on my Twitch channel for live-streaming games and has an image of Cthulhu, a mythical creature from the author HP Lovecraft.
I always liked mythology and fantasy growing up and  I also have a great love of marine life so Cthulhu became my gaming mascot.”

Twitch - http://Twitch.TV/Jinjar247
Instagram - https://instagram.com/Jinjar247

Get the limited edition Jinjar Retro Safe In Our World Tee...

"This Tee celebrates 8 years of Games Freezer. The Games Freezer website was established in 2013 with a desire to write about our favourite retro games from our childhoods. 

Over the years the GF website has retained its love of retro gaming but also evolved into the number one place to go to for Indie games reviews which we think truly share the DNA of the retro games from the past.
Seven Squared tees embody what we at Games Freezer are all about and in particular, we love the crisp white California Games tee with its effortlessly cool logo."

Web: https://www.gamesfreezer.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamesfreezer
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gamesfreezer/

Get the limited edition GamesFreezer Retro Safe In Our World Tee...

Stay well and please keep supporting us.

Every Tee we sell supports games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World.

Together we will continue #KeepingTheGameAlive 

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