Controllers have evolved tremendously over the last 40 years but we don't think any were as infuriating as these, for different reasons.

For us, the Commodore and Atari games that gave us such fond memories, would lead to blisters and breakages. Yes they would..

It must be the same for you! Well, controller rage is nothing new and no, it actually is not just International Track and Field that makes us go crazy with our controllers. It continues quite regularly...

Take a look at this compilation from some YouTubers... (Please excuse the language!)

An alternative kind of #MondayMotivation...

Controller Rage

Controllers are part of the journey and certain ones have a greater connection to our journey than others.

Naturally, the Commodore and Atari generations are key and we hope to deign for them soon, but many more would lead to all kinds of injury. For real!

Whether you played with these controllers, a Megadrive, a PlayStation or indeed anything since, the potential for injury is vast.

And injury could arrive in all manner of situations and certain positions on your hands (or your head if you have been unfortunate to have one thrown at you from close range....).

Anyway, we just thought we would share something else that is special from our journey which will have a connection to what we will share with you soon.

We have just picked up a bunch more brands from our journey so watch this space for our next designs as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

Please share any love or indeed hate relationships you have had with controllers over the years.

We are enjoying the conversations and comparing all of our journeys.

Thanks again for supporting us.

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