Back in the 1980's Jumpman was one of the best games ever. It was!

We stayed up for hours and hours playing on a mate's Commodore 64.

Jumpman is a platform game written by Randy Glover and published by Epyx in 1983.

First developed for the Atari 8-bit family, versions were also released for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and IBM PC.

As the story goes, Alien creatures have broken into the Jupiter headquarters and sabotaged all systems and hid bombs in different corners and angles.

The bombs can destroy the headquarters and the two adjoining buildings any moment.

Yes, guess what, it all depends on you.

As secret agent Jupiter Jumpman you have the speed and experience to cross the aliens' plans and thus defend the headquarters.

Yes it was wonderfully addicting indeed.

It had to be on the journey and we hope you will enjoy this addition to it.

Enjoy watching this video and see why it was so enjoyable and addictive. Don't you just want more of those sounds?

Every time we delve in to these memories and design for them, we just get chills!

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We do really love #KeepingTheGameAlive

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