Every day we try and be as creative as we can with our designs, whilst aiming to be true to the original awesome iconic games we work on.

From time to time, we will show you some of our other ideas and today is one of those days....

With the World Cup reaching it's climax this weekend and with Speedball being such a great "sport", we thought it would be a good time to combine the two in a design.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of this one. Speedball League.

Are you a fan of this design? 

Follow our Twitter handle and vote, yes or no and we will add it to the feedback we have received to date.

Remember, all our designs are officially licensed and we welcome your suggestions on what to do next and more.

More news on how that will happen in the coming weeks and months.

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Thanks again for your support to date. We really appreciate it.

#speedball #bitmapbrothers

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