The Power of Seven has arrived.

Like all launches we had a small hiccup with loading Level 1 but now we can game on. Let's play and let's start #KeepingTheGameAlive.

Our path to Great Gamer Merchandise is now open and we are going to be connecting Gamers to Games through some great limited edition and exclusive product.

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The story behind the merchandise:

As a team, we all grew up gaming and we have worked with multiple game brands.

We are fan first in our thinking and understand where to dwell and we will be working with Indie to Market leading brands as we evolve.

We are a collective of gamer artists, illustrators and designers and have worked on some iconic brands and looks over recent years.

Our aim is to create art and products that you the fans want and in styles that move beyond merchandise and in to fashion with graphic programs that excite and inspire.

So let's get on with it.....

In 1988 a cool side scrolling shooter game featured as a play by phone game on a Saturday morning kids show called Get Fresh. The game had multiple iterations across some of the greatest platforms including Amiga, Arcade, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, DOS, AmigaOS and Amstrad CPC.

If you remember that, you will already know, we are talking about Xenon, especially as you will have also seen the images of what you will be able to order soon above.

Xenon 2 Mega Blast followed in 1989, and an early brand icon of gaming was born.

The Bitmap Brothers led by Mike Montgomery are legends within the business and their story is one of the many we will be following through the delivery of retro game fan merchandise over the coming months and years.

Look out for your opportunity to get involved as well. You have already engaged with us on social media and we will continue with this engagement on our social channels.

Please join us on those channels by giving us a like or a follow now. It may not just be here where we announce what is coming next but rest assured, we will be listening to you as well.

Together we will be #KeepingTheGameAlive.

#xenon #bitmapbrothers

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Thanks guys for the wee read. You guys rock so much! Love your t’s and your designs. Am liking the Get Fresh idea for us brits and possibly Bad Influence, Gamesmaster, Nightmare? Heard in the grape vine about an up and coming Gods design, so excited to see that. Anyhoo I better get to me kip lol thanks for being on this journey with us all, and keep these amazing t shifts coming 👍🤘🤘🍻

Stewart Henderson

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