#SafeMentaliTEE 2022 IS HAPPENING JULY 29-31 2022

We are so excited to be bringing the retrogaming community together again for #SafeMentaliTEE. 

Our once a year fundraiser for Safe In Our World

#SAFEMENTALITEE 2022 Supporting the work of the video games mental health charity Safe In Our World.

Well, we actually fundraise for them all the time due to the fact every Tee you but contributes to their work in part. 

We are bringing together a team of wonderful streamers and influencers on social media who will not only be playing your favourite retrogames for your enjoyment, but wearing and sharing the greatest moments and what they mean to their mental health. 

Even better, some of them will be wearing Tees that connect to their journey and the one that we are all sharing together. 

We appreciate times are hard with bills, bills and bills, but as anyone will tell you, every penny can and does make a difference. 

You can find the full rundown for the weekend and find the weekend running order here:

 Tiltify - SafeMentaliTEE 2022

There may be the odd small change so please follow us and those streaming on their socials for any last minute changes. 

Suffice to say it will be fun and engaging and we are aiming to raise £2500 across the weekend. 

We will also be offering prizes of Tees and sneaking in some visuals of new additions to the journey that are on the horizon. They always go down well. Perhaps something like this? Who knows. 

California Games SafeMentaliTEE release maybe?

Thanks again for being on the journey with us and #KeepingTheGameAlive and please go and grab a Tee. 

We are running FREEPOST in the UK all weekend so please go and grab a few. There are also some discount codes floating around the community. 

Here is the link you need:

Exclusive Design Officially Licensed Retro Gamer Tees and Apparel – SEVEN SQUARED


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