As you may well know by now, everything we do supports the games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World

Every Tee we sell contributes to their work. Some in larger percentages than others depending on our relationship with the IP owners and their own charity connections. 

In 2020 we came up with the idea of #SafeMentaliTEE. 

It is a simple concept whereby we encourage the retrogaming and gaming community as a whole to share and wear the greatest moments of their gaming journey and what they mean to them and their mental health. 

Last year we raised £3k approx. and we hope to beat that this year. 


This year we are aiming for even more and we are delighted to be joined by both Anstream Arcade and Evercade. 

Two bastions of the retrogaming community over recent years and they will also be active over the weekend. 

Furthermore, we will be releasing some new merchandise in the build up to the weekend including some with the SIOW logo and a couple of collaborations also. 

Keep an eye on our social media for more details on those. 

There will be streamers over the weekend who will add to the entertainment but you can post and tag Seven Squared plus the #SafeMentaliTEE hashtag to get involved on any platform. A short statement of support highlighting your memory etc would be amazing. Ideally with a Tee of course. We have plenty ;-) 

If you would like to promote the main Tiltify fundraising page when we get nearer the weekend, this is it:


If you would like to link your own Tiltify fundraiser page to the main one prior to the weekend, you can join and link to our fundraising page via this link:


Please contact us direct via DM on Twitter or Instagram if you would like to set up Tee prize giveaways for your own linked page if streaming.

Thanks for being part of the journey and doing our collective bit for the conversation around mental health within our community. 

Take care and thanks again. 

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