The year was 1984 and anyone who owned a ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 would more than likely have come across Skool Daze.

Happy 35th Birthday to Skool Daze!

One of our first official anniversary designs is to launch within our Level 2 officially licensed apparel collection.

If you are old enough (how else do you put that!) and in the UK, you will also remember a TV Series called Grange Hill.

Well, this game was a bit like playing in that world to some degree. Google "Grange Hill" and you will find it... Even better click the bold word above and go directly there...

The Intro is here to get you in the mood along with an episode we really approve of.... (1978!)….

Anyway, Skool Daze is actually a very important game, not just on our journey but in the evolution of many game styles.

Not only did it sell over 50,000 copies but Skool Daze has since been regarded as one of the pioneers of the sandbox game genre so it had to be part of the #KeepingTheGameAlive journey.

So why were Sandbox games so important?

Well, Sandbox games are geared more for creative players as they usually let the players break the boundaries of the game and/or create customized experiences.

Some more resent games that resemble this style of game include: Halo 3, Reach's Forge, Platinum Arts Sandbox, Minecraft, and Gary's Mod.

Impressive hey? So, yes, Skool Daze is certainly worth a spot in our collection as it is part of our journey.

Enjoy watching some of the original ZX Spectrum gameplay here:


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