On the day that our Level One designs begin their process of despatch to our first Kickstarter backers, we thought we would delve a little deeper in to one of our faves.

For us, truly one of the best ever franchises on our journey and totally worthy of taking prime position as we begin #KeepingTheGameAlive is Speedball / Speedball II Brutal Deluxe.

Speedball was fabulous. It really was. It truly delivered great memories. 30 years ago as well! Showing our age again!

Not familiar with the Speedball franchise? Well check this video out.

In challenging times for the world today, Speedball has a story and vibe that many can relate to across both core versions.

A few years later the second iteration came along which genuinely felt it was taking the game to a new level, even though the original was the best in our mind.

Enjoy this video as well.


In all seriousness, you will struggle to find another game from this time that hit the spot like Speedball did.

For us, very worthy of legendary status.

Perhaps there should be a movie around this game and storyline?

Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie watch out...!


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I believe speedball was based on a movie called rollerball. But anyway speedball still is the best game I’ve ever played. Should do a bitmap classics and release them on next gen console. Speedball official league online play would be totally awesome.

ian saunders

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