Parodius! Parodies of Gradius. Oh why not!

Oh the music and graphics

Oh the everything. Really fun in the Arcade this one. 

This game just took you somewhere else. 

Every game did but this one for something quite unique and with gameplay that was really familiar. I wonder why.... 


Seven Squared X Urban Officially Licensed Parodius Tee #KeepingTheGameAlive

Do you remember the storyline?

"The Great Octopus has threatened Earth. To help Parodius save the planet, you and his friends must begin your search for the truth. As you search the whole world over you must find the enemy and you must destroy him." Tentacles everywhere..

Not surprisingly, the incentive for the bright colour was of course "The Big Core". The regular boss within Gradius, which was given a neon look. 

Get in the mood for this Tee and this unique part of the journey with this gameplay video from the 1990 version..

Yeah Gradius vibes but just FUN! Oh, and it had to be pink this one. Get on it...


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