The late 80s delivered so many awesome game experiences and many were engaging for different reasons as you have seen from our journey we have shared so far.

Chip's Challenge was indeed an altogether different one and it gives us a chance to look through a window or indeed Windows for the first time. 

A top-down tile-based puzzle video game originally published in 1989 as a launch title for the Atari Lynx, it was the latter Windows version that got many more hooked. There was an Amiga version as well. 

It was included in the Windows 3.1 bundle Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4, and the Windows version of the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack, where it found a much larger audience beyond the original fans on the Lynx.

It was on the Windows Entertainment Pack where we spent even more time playing it. Sneaky lazy lunchtimes in the office. Come on, we are sure you did too. 

It is great to move around the hardware platforms as we deliver the Tee designs from our journey and it is a rare moment for us to touch on the Lynx and the PC. Certainly as a pair anyway.

If you want to reminisce or understand more about the significance of this game on the journey, please have a listen to this great piece from a few years ago. Some of the comments are very funny..

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