Jon Hare is a legend for us.

Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, and so much more.

From time to time as the journey continues, we will be adding more to the Icons Collection and we are pleased to have Tower Studios join the likes of Epyx and Gremlin.  

You can get this graphic in a full Tee version also. Not just the pocket. 

In fact, we have now added the Pocket style to ALL of our ICONS Tees as requested by some of those joining the conversation with us and #KeepingTheGameAlive. 

Prior to Tower Studios, it was of course Sensible Software that enabled Jon to become the legend of the industry that he is today. 

Anyway, don't just take it from us, enjoy this interview from 2018 with Kim Justice. It is all great and videos like this always make you feel good. Oh the memories. 

Thanks to Jon, we have managed to design Tees, not only for Tower, but for Wizball and Parallax and now also Sociable Soccer.

Oh and there are more to come. Thanks for being there everyone and please keep talking about these amazing games and creators. 


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