Yes, we have added another classic game to the Tee journey. 

Now this game needed incredible patience and more. Deserving of the Tee design we have put together for you to buy, while you have the chance.

Directing a ball along a series of suspended passages certainly needed time to nail and many a balls up was prevalent.

It was actually released on many platforms so lots of gamers had a chance to get frustrated and rewarded in equal measure. It was one of those games.

whether you played it on your ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 8 bit platform or Amstrad AND the ported versions on Amiga and Atari ST it was great fun.

2005 also saw a remake on the Gizmondo console.

Furthermore it was adapted in 2011 for the PS3, PlayStation Portable and Vita within the PlayStation Mini series. 

So a lot of you would’ve played it.

Check out this classic video reviewing the game including the packaging:

Another amazing game from the journey that is full of awesome moments and memories. 

Our Tee journey is #KeepingTheGameAlive and every Tee we sell supports games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World. 

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