As we moved in to the later 80s there were some pretty cool advances in graphics and gameplay. 

One of the more engaging cartoonish 8-bit adventures was with this game.

Released in 1987 by Ocean Software, Head Over Heels is an isometric classic from the minds of Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond.

We could not miss out on sharing a Tee moment celebrating those cute furry characters who proved that teamwork makes the dream work!

Head over Heels

Your Sinclair awarded Head over Heels 9/10 in the June 1987

Crash magazine gave Head over Heels 97% and called the game "The best fun you're likely to have with a Spectrum for quite some time".[7]

Zzap!64 gave the C64 conversion of the game 98%: enough for its coveted Gold Medal Award; the joint highest score in the magazine's history!

This is an all time classic from the journey and totally worthy of a Tee as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

Now, check out the sounds of this warm and fuzzy classic from the journey:

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