There were many games on the journey that had multiple layers of gameplay similarity between them.

Arcadia was no different harnessing elements of Galician and Gorf in gameplay. 

It is not hard to see where the inspiration for our Tee design came from. The packaging and ship naturally. 

As with those aforementioned games, the player would control a space ship as the aliens scroll and moved freely down the screen.

The game consisted of 12 different levels of descending aliens. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

After level 12 the game loops back to level 1 with no extra difficulty. An extra life is rewarded after every four levels.

Advancing to the next level involves staying alive until the timer in the top left corner ticks from 99 to 0. Once zero is reached the surviving aliens descend rapidly down the screen.

Points awarded per alien destroyed are in line with the current level: Shoot down an alien on level 1 and you are awarded 1 point, roll around the levels and the same alien killed on level 13 is now worth 13 points.

A game we played on the Commodore Vic 20 but playable on other formats including the Spectrum. 

If you watch a video of the gameplay of Arcadia, you’ll notice quite a few similarities to the other games mentioned above.

Check this one out from the VIC20. Oh the memories...


See... We like to educate you about the journey. 

Please continue to purchase our Tees. Every one is connected to the journey of playing computer games throughout our and your lifetimes. All have a story to tell.

Let’s continue #KeepingTheGameAlive 


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