Happy New Year and apologies for the delays.

We honestly feel really bad about it!

In October last year, we were unfortunate to have a situation that meant the additional "collectible" element to our first "offer" was not going to materialise for reasons that were totally out of our control.

Not wanting to rush things, we have had to take a sideways step to get things right.

After all, when you see how cool the above collage looks, why wouldn't you not want to start on the right foot?

So, we are loading the final piece again ready for imminent launch.

Thanks again for your patience and once we are up and running with our first offer, more will come.

We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Please continue to follow us on our social media channels and thanks for the engagement to date.

We cannot wait to share our launch video!

#Xenon #Speedball

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