Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension … Indeed he was THE Ninja.

Has there been a cooler Ninja in the last 27 years? OK, there probably has, but not like him in our eyes.

It was 1992, the journey continued and the Amiga welcomed one of our Superheros....! 

A word often overused when we have the Avengers, Batman and so much more.. BUT Zool was our early Mario and for us he just made us smile. 

A cool little guy who would later make his name (for various reasons - not necessarily always amazing) on SNES, Sega Megadrive and more he really was a bundle of fun.

He was actually intended to be a competitor to Sonic! Yes indeed he was and you can wear him with pride now. 

The original Amiga game we played was actually released to critical acclaim, receiving such scores of 97%, 96%, 95% from Amiga Computing, Amiga Action and Amiga Format respectively so please do not knock it based on other latter versions as this was Amiga time for us. 

I actually never knew the early name for the character was Pootz! Right to change the name chaps!

More importantly playing this game as Zool was a great reason to play games with Chupa Chups in your mouth.

Hmmm, I quite fancy that this weekend. Anyone else? 

Oh, and the music.... Perfect for die hard wannabee ninjas sucking lollies.  

Enjoy reminiscing with the DOS version in this video and please do purchase the officially licensed and approved Tee now available in our store. 

Thanks for the continued support as we share our journey #KeepingTheGameAlive 

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