Last week, we did something rather special for one of our VIPs (Very Important Players). We listened to what they would like to wear and we designed a Tee with them.

We have tested a couple of collaborations to date, notably with the podcast Arcade Attack, but this one is the first time we have listened to what a customer wanted to see designed and collaborate on what that Tee may look like. 

So, the story unfolds as follows....

When we began sharing our collective journey of playing some of the greatest games ever made (to us anyway), we soon knew we had some rather special fans. 

Over time, the orders from these special fans were growing to the point they nearly had ALL our Tees. 

It meant a lot to see the commitment to the journey and what we are trying to build and share here, so we thought the time had come to give something back. 

So, we reached out to Fabrizio in Italy, after the wonderful suggestion by a fellow retrogamer in our social channels, and offered to design a Tee from his inspiration especially for him and anyone who got hold of it for one week only. 

Not only does he now have a Tee which he influenced from his own journey but it is stamped with his design inspiration. 

Thanks Fabrizio! 

Limited Edition Epyx Breakdance Tee. Design inspiration by VIP Fabrizio from Italy #KeepingTheGameAlive

This Tee is now off sale and is retired as it was a one off design. Were you one of those who got one?

Fabrizio may want it to come back again one day but we will have to see as it is special to him. 

So, thanks for being on the journey with us Fabrizio.

Now, you could be next!

What makes you a VIP to Seven Squared and the journey we are sharing together and what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Will you be the next VIP with whom we work on a limited edition design collaboration Tee for one of the games we work with from the journey so far or indeed in the future?

Engage in our social media channels and spread the word and, who knows, we may be in touch. 

Remember, every Tee we sell contributes in part to the amazing work of Safe In Our World, the games industry mental health charity.

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive and spreading the message of positive mental health within the retrogamer community. 

Stay well all and thanks for sharing the journey with us. 




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