We wanted to make our first blog post of 2022 a huge THANK YOU post along with sharing some tips on what you can expect from the best Tee journey ever told this year....

Firstly, this year heralds anniversaries not only for the games console, but Space War, Fighting Fantasy, Pong and so much more. 

Will you for instance see new designs from the epic Fighting Fantasy books exclusively designed with Ian Livingstone?

Fighting Fantasy Range

Will we finally bring you more from the Arcade journey you have been seeking with our own take on Atari classics like Pong itself?

Will we roll out Space Invaders to go with Space War?

With a World Cup at the end of 2022, will we see a little more on the Football front? Which game could it be?

Then on top of that to celebrate a couple of our fave games on the console, could we perhaps see a couple of character classics make their way in to the journey. 

We will also have #SafeMentaliTEE this year where for the third year in a row we will be working with the community to wear and share our journeys and what they mean to our mental health in aid of games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World. 

We are excited to be able to continue #KeepingTheGameAlive but we would not be able to do it without you. 

We really do appreciate it as the last 18 months or so have been tough for many of us. Any social media interactions you have with anyone who may want to wear and share their journey, please tag us and give us a shout when you can. 

Thanks so much and all the best for a peaceful and progressive 2022. 

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