A little known fact is that 23rd April 2018 was the day Seven Squared began interacting about our retrogaming journey and #KeepingTheGameAlive on Twitter.

Why that date?

Well, we had to relate to one of the many many iconic dates in retrogaming that naturally have a connection to not only our journey in video games, but yours too.

You will see and hear us reference many dates from time to time as transition through time together.

And why was 23rd April 1982 a special date?

Well, it was when the ZX Spectrum arrived. We began life communicating with you in a low key manner on the same date in 2018. 36 years ago!

Since that date and even before, there have been many a game and moment we can all remember and those moments continue to this day.

We all have a unique journey with video games. Xenon: We played Xenon and loved it so much that it had to be our first game to develop our limited edition collectible apparel ranges.

RealGenericDemon says it is a "Superstar of a Game" and it is/was.

Watch as he takes you on his first journey with Xenon on the ZX Spectrum.

A great moment from 1988 and by the sounds of it, a great moment for him:

Of course Xenon II (2) followed in 2019 and hence the further connection to 1998/1989 when things were really starting to happen on multiple hardware platforms.

30 years ago now...

We hope to share many more memories and connections with you, whether that be with a limited edition apparel design or just a story of a game that was/is part of our collective journey #KeepingTheGameAlive


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