So, we haven't ventured on to the Nintendo Gameboy or SNES in any significant level yet on the journey, but we are this week. 

The Nintendo Gameboy was an epic handheld at the time and certain characters lent a little more to the experience than others. 

Some you may not have heard of quite so much and this was certainly true of this little guy, Alfred Chicken (Click for Tee).

A game of pecking simplicity, to complete levels, you would navigate Alfred around multiple levels and peck pop all the balloons. The last balloon taking him to a boss fight.

If Alfred dies, he starts as an egg located at the last balloon pecked. In Super Alfred Chicken for the Super Nintendo, finding the big balloon results in a Stage Clear.

What made Alfred so cool was when the product managed of the Amiga version decided to get in to politics to help promote the little guy and game. Yes indeed he did. 

He stood for the Alfred Chicken Party as it's candidate in the 1993 by election in Christchurch, Dorset. The exercise was done to promote the original game's release. How cool. Oh those times were so good for so many reasons and hence so worthy of a Tee. 

The marketing attempt was actually partially successful. The Alfred Chicken Party was cited, along with other "frivolous or 'commercial' candidates", as a reason to increase the number of signatures required for an individual to be nominated as a political candidate at an election

By the way, he finished second last with 18 votes, two votes ahead of the Rainbow Party. Not sure if that was Rod, Jane, Freddy or Zippy though!

Now, there is no better explanation of Alfred Chicken and his significance on the journey and his quite iconic moments in the early 90s, you need to watch this great video from Kim Justice below.

In the meantime, please continue to support us and the journey by buying our Tees and supporting the Alfred Chicken Party!

Many of our Tees are limited edition and will not be around forever. We have recently seen some of our original Speedball and Xenon Tees leave the journey. But there could be more... 

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive  

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