It was 1985 and it was time to go Back to Skool. Eric was at it again.

He even tried to get in the girl's school via the roof. We don't recommend trying that too much based on the consequences.   

Now, you know how we often hate bugs and the stress they can cause in some games, well Back to Skool offered you bugs that were there for a reason. And there were a bunch of them as well. 

There is a bug in the game that enables you to see what goes on in the girls' school without leaving the boys' school. Now, that's naughty. 

One we really loved, and wouldn't this be fun in real life, is where it becomes possible to make a teacher completely disappear from the blue room. Oh the fun. 

Stink bombs, water pistols and the love interest of Hayley. This game had everything to continue to make you laugh and smile about real school. 

Our Back to Skool Tee design, not surprisingly takes it's inspiration from the characters within the game and we hope you'll enjoy it enough to buy it now that it is in store. 

Sharing our journey takes a lot of time and money and we really do appreciate your support. But we need it to continue as we move through the generations #KeepingTheGameAlive

If you want to watch a video on the game and it's predecessor and more greats, here is another great one from Kim Justice. Enjoy... Oh and please do read the final thought at the bottom of the page. A piece of really important history therein..... 

Finally, for anyone reading this who doesn't remember the original Skool Daze game, we want to reiterate that it has since been regarded as one of the pioneers of the sandbox game genre.

Why were Sandbox games so important?

Well, Sandbox games are geared more for creative players as they usually let the players break the boundaries of the game and/or create customized experiences. Some more resent games that resemble this style of game include: Halo 3, Reach's Forge, Platinum Arts Sandbox, Minecraft, and Gary's Mod.

Now you know where it all started... 

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