Now here is a great #retrogame that conjures up all sorts of thoughts related to Brexit! And, you would not mess with the Bitmap Kid! Let's get him involved.

Please don't nick all of the good stuff...

Yes, it is Magic Pockets and we have a special apparel design coming to our Shop soon which connects to Level 2 of our journey.

Who would not want Magic Pockets anyway? Perhaps, we could have done with them before now to conjure up a solution when the UK is meant to leave on March 29th 2019? Or June or if ever....

Whether you know the game, played it or not, you will enjoy this video of the Amiga gameplay:

Once again, like with the majority of the Bitmap Bros portfolio, you will notice the music and back then Betty Boo, was certainly doing the do.

Those pockets were certainly helpful on this part of the gameplay journey and imagine what you could have pulled out to help the latest status quo?

What would you use and for what reason? Politics aside, Magic Pockets was a thoroughly enjoyable part of our journey and it is a pleasure to have this in our collection of memories.

Will it be in your collection?

It was released for the Atari ST, Amiga and more and was even more special for us as it reminds us of Saturday morning TV!

Yes it does.. Magic Pockets was just so cool, it even appeared as competition on the Saturday morning children's TV show Motormouth (There are few of them around at the moment hey!).

The caller would watch the game on their TV screen at home and shout the instructions 'walk', 'jump' and 'zap' to control the character.

Just hear that all you 21st Century gamers who still think interactions are a little slow from time to time.

What about that then? I suppose you could call that a Dual Screen memory.... Eeeek..

We hope our forthcoming Magic Pockets design(s) will be in your limited edition apparel collection and we appreciate your ongoing backing and support.

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive


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