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There have been many games associated with Bruce over the years and there are also many iconic moments and memories.

For this one we thought we go a little less obvious unless you’re a real fan! 

If you are you’ll love this.  

Don’t say we are not listening as this was a fan request. 

Bruce Lee "Dragon" Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive 

We posted more on why the original games were part of our journey and why we’ve decided to design Tees for them. 

If you want to see more on that plus our first Tee design that is all Datasoft memories, please click here

In the meantime, you need to click here and get THIS Tee and continue #KeepingTheGameAlive 

No better way to #wearyourstory  


PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that the above colour may be in limited supply so we will have it available on black and others asap. 


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