Well, it has been a hell of a journey over the last few years and a challenging one at times as well. Recently that has certainly been the case for all of us. 

But the time has come to make some changes for the next chapter of the story as we want to try something different.

We hope you will support us with that.

Anyway, here is the breakdown….


Firstly, we want to thank you all for being part of this. It has been a dream to fulfil it to date and share some of the best retrogaming journey memories and what that has meant to our and your mental health. Many special moments with some great industry greats, influencers and friends.

I mean who else brought you the Bitmap Brothers to Worms through to The Sims and Fighting Fantasy with exclusive officially licensed designs! And we did not fake any of it (unlike many others). 

We actually had hoped we would see even more sales than we got but that is another story.... Thank you to everyone who helped do this properly! 

We wanted to send you a note on where we are and what we intend to do next.

We are not giving up on everything and trying to support you and the amazing work of the Safe In Our World charity.

We have had to make changes as the time it takes to negotiate, get approvals and deliver royalty reports amongst other administrative requirements is so time intensive as a small team. 

Here is the plan:
- We have written to all licensors/partners to confirm that we will not be extending the existing license/approval that is in place beyond 30th June 2024.
- We will maintain an open dialogue with them should they want to undertake new initiatives with the Seven Squared brand in association with Safe In Our World at any point in the future. We may bring some designs back if demand is there. You never know. Overall it has been a positive experience for us and the charity but the work needed to keep designing and obtaining requisite approvals is taking more time than ever which we do not have currently.
- What this means for now is that we will be removing from sale all of the licensed Tees by midnight on June 30th 2024. Unlicensed will remain as they form part of the next chapter.
- Even through very tough economic times for the apparel business, we are going to continue raising funds for the charity but by focussing on a period of time where we work on an “inspired by” range along with collaborators and influencers. That could be you! We would welcome anyone who wants to do one to support the charity. So spread the word.
- With the removal of many licensors who wanted paying as well, with the generic project, along with limited Safe in Our World merchandise like the well loved hoodies etc which we will keep up, we will be able to give more from every sale to the charity. The generic line of the story will enable us to tell more and have more bespoke fun and be able to give more of the revenue after costs on everything to support the charity's great work.
- We will not have a #SafeMentaliTEE event this summer but may do one later in the year when all these changes etc have come in to effect. If not, we will review in 2025. 

Please do let us know if you have any questions in the meantime, but once again we would like to thank you for enabling us to do this work, support you and be part of the Safe in Our World journey 

Finally, BUY your retro licensed Tees from us until the end of June with code BUYBUY to get 25% off EVERYTHING!

Please talk to us and let us know if you have any questions.

Email us to get involved via:

All the best


Team Seven Squared .... Together #KeepingTheGameAlive

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