The Chaos Engine on the Amiga was another wonderful memory on the journey. 

Who didn't love games that are set in the Victorian era, not least when it had steampunk vibes in abundance. 

A time traveller on a mission from the future ending up stranded in Victorian England in the 1800s. Tech being retro engineered created a whole new timeline of events within which you played.

It was so enjoyable engaging in this world and hence why it had to be part of our journey.

As per previous posts where we have highlighted the significance of the audible experience in games, this was another one where the music supported bringing the game to life. The experience would not be authentic Bitmap Brothers of the time without it now would it?

We enjoyed working on this design and the reaction to it has been so good. 

Summarised quite wonderfully by Matthew Smith who has been running the Amiga Power Album Kickstarter campaign. 

Enjoy reading this:

Finally, it wouldn't be right on this occasion o not finish a post with a bit of music. So here you go...

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