Any good game and journey within one, has some plot twists along the way and we will be no different.

Off the back of the great feedback we have had from some of the #retrogaming community's greatest ambassadors (our opinion), we thought it was only right and fair to get them involved. So a few of them are..

There are a few coupon codes doing the rounds which will get you a £4 (YES £4) discount on our full range of Tees. That is 20%.

Yes, you could say it is our own version of May Madness (we will keep going during E3 as well probably).

Or just Chaos to get you on the journey with us!

And during the month when you begin to think I should be outside playing more when actually I end up playing inside more... Go figure.

That's games for you! The fact there is more light in the day means there is more time to play games. Right? Hmmm..

So, as we continue deciding what Level 3 will look like (it is only just starting mind you with developer brands and more games), you can take advantage of one of the codes to get on our journey with us. But will you find them?

Nah, they are not that secret. We do suggest you take the chance where you can though. Some may be more obvious than others.

Whilst writing this short post about journeys in games, have you ever come across a cool Segway or side-track within a game that you just could not get away from?

There are many great ones out there and we would love you to share yours with us. Here is a great video of a bunch from a while back and we certainly remember a couple...

Earthworm Jim and Sonic for us were awesome secrets that were not that well known to start with. Have a think about any you remember and do share them.

We would like to thank those who have recently joined as a VIP or even better, purchased one of our Tees.

We are extremely thankful and please do share a pic or two of your purchase on your social media channels.

Please tag us and use the hashtag #KeepingTheGameAlive.

Welcome to our retrogaming journey.

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