We are so excited to have the Evercade team join the fundraising this weekend for #SafeMentaliTEE 2021. 

Now, if you are an Evercade fan, this Tee is just for you. 

The exclusive SevenSquared X Evercade T-Shirt is available now and you can get it in Black, Grey and White. 

Seven Squared X Evercade Tee for #SafeMentaliTee 2021 supporting Safe In Our World

Sean Clever of Evercade said;

This great collaboration makes a lot of sense, given SevenSquared’s and Evercade's association to the retro gaming community and the many brands that already have great Tee designs with SevenSquared.

We’re delighted to have the chance to support an amazing charity like Safe In Our World. We hope this new SevenSquared X Evercade exclusive design can help raise interest and funds for the mental health charity. This is our first ever t-shirt and we hope that this collaboration will bring a great piece of gaming memorabilia that the Evercade community has long requested as well as more support for those in need in the games industry.


If you would like to get more involved in the #SafeMentaliTEE weekend activities, you can find out more here: #SAFEMENTALITEE IS BACK ON THE WEEKEND OF JUNE 18-20 2021 – SEVEN SQUARED

If you are able to donate to our fundraising page, please find more details here:

We hope you are enjoying the journey we are sharing and wearing together. 


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