With our shop going live just as the 2019 Formula One World Championship began in Australia, we thought we had to have a racing game in our apparel collection at Level Two.

No better early example for us than Pitstop.

It has a bit of everything and it was part of our journey.

It also celebrated it's 35th Game Anniversary in 2018.

For us, as with many of our memories, it only seems like yesterday. Yes, we do feel old!

One of many great products developed and published by Epyx, you could play it on the Atari 8bit platforms, C64 and more.

Something we really remember from Pistop and it's remake Pistop II are the sounds of the cars etc.

For example, for Pitstop, here:

At the time, this sounded so awesome..

Perhaps not so now, but certainly awesome in other ways.

Sounds are as much part of your journey in games as the game artwork, or lead characters within.

Scroll to 1:00 and you can enjoy the Pitstop itself. Love the guy on the Tyres ;-)

Also, Pitstops are just a tad quicker these days! Keep an eye on our social channels and/or become a VIP to find out when this goes live in our store very soon as we continue on our journey #KeepingTheGameAlive  


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