Legendary among C64 fans is Paradroid

Very daunting and quite depressing when you "died". But there was always another way...


Paradroid Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive

It was a little weird but cool as strategy was a core part of the game. 

With robots turning against their master, the narrative was just right for the time. 

Reclaim the ship through unique levels. Some of which you could be really clever with by understanding the unique capabilities of the droids. 

Take over some to advance but do not take over the wrong ones.  

It would take us an eternity to describe the fun and intrigue of this game so we need a video... 

The good news is this one describes it so well.

Again, we are headed over to the C64 version in this video, as that is where we played it. 

You will find out there was also not a binary way to play the game each time. There were many strategic variables making the game constantly engaging. Do not be too cautious either. Rewards for being "clever".   

It is great to be able to bring you another legendary piece of the retrogaming journey as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

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