As we progress through the holidays, we thought it was time to add a new collaboration with the community and in support of the ongoing conversation around #mentalhealth.  

 Scumm and Villiany #SafeInOurWorld Collaboration Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive

This is the official Scumm and Villiany Tee where we have pretty much done what was wanted. 

Here is their take on why this means a lot to them: 

"Mental health is a central topic in our lives, having experienced more than our fair share of problems ourselves and having lost loved ones, far before their time.

It's more important than ever to keep talking about our mental health and being honest with others in this digital age and extended period of isolation. We welcome discussion of mental health in our community and love the variety and quality of people we have gathered who all help each other, it brings us a lot of happiness - especially as streaming can take a real toll on the ol' noggin from time to time.

Our design was created with celebration in mind, the times when we feel at our best or those moments that truly lift you and make your day. It's no secret our channel is heavily inspired by Lucasarts' Monkey Island: a game series that has brought an immense amount of joy to so many people. We love dipping into nostalgic games with people as it makes it so easy to connect with memories and a time when perhaps things felt simpler and less noisy, away from the stresses of modern life.

So raise a grog (whatever your favourite drink is, in this context!) to good times with friends and the knowledge that tomorrow is another day, and another adventure to be had."

We could not have put that better ourselves and we thank them for their support on the journey as we continue working together not only #KeepingTheGameAlive but keeping a conversation about Mental Health flowing. 

Thanks again. 

More information on Safe In Our World can be found here: Safe In Our World Mental Health Charity for Gamers - Safe In Our World

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