Today, is one of those special daze.

For many reasons...

On the 30th anniversary of this legendary "console", Google even did this....

That was certainly #KeepingTheGameAlive on St Georges Day.... Well done them....

Moving on, one year ago, we announced ourselves as being here and starting our journey on Twitter. So Happy Birthday to us... what a great time to announce yourselves, I hear you say.

Arriving on such a day was very important for us and 12 months later, with your support, we have come a long way on our journey together.

But, oh my, we have so much further to go.

The challenge of sharing the journey of an average bunch of gamer lives through officially licensed designs is not easy.

Some days it really is Marble Madness.. Now there is an idea (Hmmm)....

Anyway, we are doing it and there is no better day than today to therefore release our Skool Daze designs.

Why not mark the occasion by getting hold of one of our limited edition design when they are available in our store later today.

Why Skool Daze...? Well, we recently wrote about why we chose Skool Daze on our Blog.

It is a legendary game for many reasons.

Some, who do not know the game may learn something about it too. We aim to please... Kind of...

Now go get one... You are not a Kangaroo remember!

Please continue to support us by sharing our designs and more importantly backing us with a purchase or two.

We really appreciate all the engagement we have been receiving on social media.


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