We have now begun sharing our journey with you and we are thankful to everyone who has joined us on it to date.

Not only have we released news on our Level 1 and Level 2 collections, we have begun to discuss with the #retrogaming community what other things we could do together one day.

So many exciting opportunities, but we need to keep it as fluid as we can and make sure we deliver as best we can.

We are, after all, still evolving and it is early days. We do however love the "look" we are creating so far and are positive about the next steps as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

When you undertake to share your passion for your gaming journey there are many hoops to jump through. There are more when your objective is to do everything as professionally and efficiently as possible.

Delivering Officially Licensed products also takes more time and we have to be more diligent than many others may not be out there on the internet but we appreciate the recent questions concerning our official work.

Its is great to understand the growing need for the retrogamer community to see that products are official and designed and delivered in the way we would all hope to. 

What we hope makes us a little more unique than others is that we are painting a picture of our journey whilst engaging in the overall conversation with so many great retrogamers from all generations.

Please continue to engage with us on our social channels. It is great to have such feedback.

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