At certain times of year, we begin to think of games that resonated with us during those winter months. 

In 1985 (yes 2020 is the 35th Anniversary of Winter Games), this one was just what we needed, but boy was it a little awkward to get good scores. 

The long jump took ages to get the hang of. 

Loved the shooting in the Biathlon as well. All in all this was a lot of fun and we always remember playing it at the time of the Winter Olympic Games. Guess that is why all those awesome events were in the game then... :-)

Winter Games was popular and like many Epyx titles at the time, it sold very well both in the UK, Europe and the US.

Many ratings gave it four plus stars out of five, and stated that it was a "Sports simulation at its best!".

We were not alone in our love for this game when playing on the C64 because in 1985 Zzap!64 gave the game a 94% score calling it "another classic sport simulation from Epyx".

We naturally agree and hence why it is on the journey and part of the conversation as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

Please continue to support us as we evolve and continue adding great Tee designs to the collection. 


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